Ghosts In The Valley

Light with Cobwebs

About Ghosts In The Valley

Based On True Ghosts Stories

Ghosts In The Valley are true ghosts stories brought to you every other Tuesday with an exciting new story,  In 1998 I did a documentary based on true ghost stories called GHOSTS IN THE VALLEY.  Now available is GHOSTS IN THE VALLEY podcast.


Ghosts In The Valley Reviews

Respected Insights


“A compelling and original storyline, thoughtful character development, and a variety of memorable performances that fill the screen make this one of the must-sees of the year.”


“What a sensation! Ghosts In The Valley had me captivated from beginning to end. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see this wonderful piece of art for yourself.”


“Ghosts In The Valley amounts to a powerful and entertaining viewing experience filled with stunning visuals and a plot that keep audiences completely engaged throughout.”

House in the Woods

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